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VidToMP3 is the online website where you can download the audio from uncopyrighted video clips. In order to convert the video clips to audio file, this site uses special technologies to auto detect from which sites you want to download the audio file. So that, there is no more drop down in the downloading process for chosen video clips. To use this VidToMP3 website for conversion of audio file, you need to simply copy the URL and then paste it into the API box which is viewed on the home page.
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Later, you can click the download option and the site automatically processes the downloading your file. The process of downloading will depend on how large the video file is and the amount of traffic on the site at the time of your accessing. The conversion of MP3 file is free of cost that means the users need not pay the charges for it. It is an entirely trustworthy domain and much socialised website in respect to Google+, shares in Facebook, and mentions over Twitter. This online website is really easy to use and the user do not face any difficulties while using the VidToMP3 conversion website. This tool is designed to be used in compliance with each sites TOS and local & national copyright laws. VidToMP3 is not supported the piracy video files for downloading the audio from them.

Terms of Service

If you want to use the VidToMP3 online site, you're required to acknowledge the below terms and conditions such as:

  • You may not allow to download the copyrighted materials of video files to convert it into audio format. 
  • For suppose, if you're the owner of copyrighted video site, you can immediately contact the company through the available telephone number or email service to block the conversion of any video sites to MP3. The company will block the conversion of those videos accordingly. ' 
  • This website doesn't endorse piracy of any sort and it is just a simple tool to convert the video sites to MP3 format. 
  • It will not host any MP3 files on the online site and if you've any questions, you can consider the VidToMP3 Contact Us. 
  • If you believe anything is copyright infringement, you can directly contact the company via a telephone number or email service. Relevantly, the company will take the action in a way that the conversion of MP3 files from those video sites is restricted. 
  • While the users visiting this online conversion website, the company used to collect the certain information with the help of cookies or web beacons. For that, the company maintains the relationship with ValueClick which collects the user's non-identifiable information. 


VidToMP3 online website is BETA version that means it is test site or test version but it close enough to the public and try to work the bugs out. As a result, you may not get the proper conversion audio file or getting the error while converting the video sites to audio files. However, the company tries to fix the bugs and maintains the stability of the site as a whole. When you converting the MP3 files from your desired video sites, you can easily convert them within a couple of moments and you do not require any external software downloading or installing.  it serves same as the flvto

Once the conversion process has been done, the web page is taken into a new page where you can observe a link to download the MP3. Next, kill that download button and get the audio files. Of course, the file conversion is relied on the length of the video and it will take just 10-20 seconds with an average owing to its fastest service. This processing downloading of time will be applicable for short length videos and 2 to 4 minutes will take for large video files. There is no limit for downloading the audio files from your desired video sites at VidToMP3 free online service and you can use it as much as you'd like. 

You can find the downloaded files on your computer and it depends on which folder you save downloads to. Here, you're required to make a note that the online site will ask you to save or open it now when the conversion process has been finished. You can click your preferred option but the file will not find out in your computer when you chose the open button which plays the audio file there only. For saving option, you can find in your computer of which folder you want to save. During saving audio file after conversion process, you may get the possible errors like Grabbing Failed, Unable to connect to, failed to find file, can not find download site, or Oops the link is broken, invalid URL, etc. 

Grabbing Failed may occur due to several reasons such as either the video site connection may down suddenly or temporarily overloaded, the specific video may be blocked, and the video may be restricted by the country or it can be accessible from certain countries only. Most often, this is a temporary issue and it can be resolved within a short time period. You can consider the standard quality version instead of High quality version when you getting this type of bug. This should help you to get the audio file. Unable to connect to or cann't find the download site or the link is broken errors may also get when you use the downloading process at VidToMP3 online site

The possible reasons to receive these errors are source file video is broken and one of the download servers may be down temporarily. If you receive one of the aforementioned errors, you can recommend to click the link which says download is not working. It will give you the clear progress about conversion of the file. The server is currently overloaded error may occur which can be caused by a high jump in demand on the servers. In this issue, the company constantly improving the service to minimize or eliminate this error. The best solution to this error is wait for a few minutes and try again. Invalid URL error can be occurred due to the video format is not supported, invalid URL syntax, and the video file may be restricted. Vevo videos are currently not supported the conversions by the VidToMP3 online website. You do not required to complete registration process to use this online site and you can just go the home page and use the site for free.